Herbal Medicine

50243963 - herbal medicine capsules with green leaf on wooden background. Traditional Chinese Medicine incorporates both the use of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Herbal medicine therapies treat acute illness as well as focus on optimization of health and prevention of disease. My herbal pharmacy includes both patent formulas in capsule form for the most common conditions as well as an extensive granular pharmacy which enables me to create herbal formulas for each of my patients specific needs and complex conditions.

Herbal Medicine is an effective way to treat pain, emotional imbalance, digestive issues, allergies, cold and flu symptoms, menopause, sexual disfunction and skin conditions. The goal of Chinese herbs is to treat the underlying cause of the imbalance whether it be to boost the immune system, increase blood flow and circulation, decrease food stagnation, control hot flashes by increasing yin or treating low libido by increasing yang. These are only a few conditions, however, Chinese herbal medicine formulas are modified to suit the subtle nuances of your condition and constitution making each formula highly individualized.

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